Reality Check

There you are minding your own business when suddenly, something unfortunate happens. And boom, there you are, your knees crumple below you and you find yourself on the floor. The room spins, your thoughts are incomprehensible, as he rush of the all familiar reality check sets in.

This of course, is an exaggerated example, as most reality checks aren’t always this drastic, nor necessarily negative. But why do we call it a reality check? Typically when you get slapped in the face pretty hardcore by life, and you kind of “check back in”, everything comes flooding in. Then you’re overwhelmed with you guessed it, reality.

But why does it always feel like a sudden rush of life overwhelms you? It’s because you have been so checked out as it is, that this sudden reality storm is too much to handle. You’re always distracted with your phone, computer, work, business schedule, blah blah blah. That you don’t take time to be present in your life and give your energy to the things (and people) that really matter.

Now, I’m not saying that if you are always present in life that nothing bad will happen. But what I am saying is, be more present in general, because life will happen without you. That bad moment will still be bad, but you’ll be better apt to handle it because you HAVE been present and your emotions are in check to deal with the problem.

Don’t ever get to the point of being so numb in your life, that reality has to force you to pay attention. Let this be the last and only reality check you will ever need. Be present.

“Wherever you are – be all there” – Jim Elliot



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