Perfect = Intangible

Perfect is intangible and also unattainable. Why? Because we always change our perception of perfection. Read that line again if it made you a little tongue tied, you’ll get it the second time around.

A great example: If I do this, then I will be happy. “If I lose 20 pounds, I will be happy”, “If I get a promotion, I will be happy”, If, if, if, if….Do you see it? There is always a condition to meet before you can be happy. It’s complete madness at its best! If you have to wait for something to happen in order to make you happy, you might as well grab a magazine, find a comfy chair and sit your ass down, because you’re going to be waiting awhile.

“Perfection” then, can never be.  Happiness however is tangible and attainable, AND you can have it right now. No gimmicks, no tricks, no “just pay shipping and handling”. It’s yours for the taking and it is always there.

It’s simple if you want to be happy….be!


“Remember, happiness is a way of travel not a destination” – Roy Goodman


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