The imagination killer…

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a question we have all been asked since we were children.

Of course, as a child I said things like: veterinarian, pilot, photographer, oceanographer, etc. In a child’s mind the options are endless and completely attainable.

If I were to answer that same question today, the philosophical (and much older) me would respond a bit differently, for example; but when do you grow up? And why do you have to grow up to be what you want?

Imagination lives in childhood and you lose it slowly as you “grow up”.

So really growing up is the slow death of imagination. It sounds cynical, and it doesn’t happen for everybody. But for the majority of people, as they grow up, their imagination becomes more and more bleak. We get mindless, brain numbing jobs that require anywhere from 0-5% creativity. This is what is called a “real job” and “growing up” and living in the “real world”.

Well guess what? The world was a very real place when you were young and answered that question, it is no more “real” now than it was then. It’s still the “same” world; you just made it brighter with your imagination.

Use your imagination and use your creativity in everything that you do. Don’t be afraid if others might judge you, those are just the people that have lost their own creativity and imagination. But hopefully after watching you they won’t be afraid to pursue their long forgotten imagination too.


Imagination sparks brilliance in the world. – me


Photo credit to Ernesto Fajardo on Flickr.


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