Hidden in Plain Sight

Every day I see this building on my drive to work. Although the building itself is not attractive by any means; with the graffiti, chipping paint, and un-manicured foliage, I felt compelled to take a picture of it and showcase the real beauty behind the words.

“You Are Beautiful”. Say that to yourself, either in your head or out loud, but say it with intention. Don’t just say it because I am asking you to. When you said this to yourself and you meant it, how did it make you feel? …take a minute to feel the difference in your mood.

Beauty starts from within and grows outward.

The words nailed into this building are a perfect representation that beauty goes far beyond the skin. Beauty is certainly not always a physical characterization either. But beauty, just like perfection, cannot be defined. As they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Many a-passer-by to this same building may not have even noticed the message. But I noticed. I see the beauty those simple words bring into this world. They remind me every time I pass by, that I am beautiful and should always tell myself that. Not only myself but others too…that is my meaning for sharing this image with you today. I hope this has brightened your day beautiful!


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