#2…digging deeper into the endless bag of emotions that is my mind.


Pensive sadness consumes me;
Melancholy pulsing through me.

Feeling a slight hint of insanity,
As things around me turn into calamity.
Its like watching a bad movie set to constant replay
Yet I cannot take myself away.

Numbness supplies me the means to keep going
The cycle continues without slowing.

Jump to the next see what you get
Why haven’t you stopped the madness yet?

You know what will happen and you know what you’ll find
Stop for once and just take your time.

Your thoughts are quieting, the message becoming clear
Turn to your heart and pay attention to what you hear.

The numbness is fading and turning to black
Your mind no longer under constant attack.


You hear that voice again, slowly creeping back in
Fearing this is a game you may never win.

The silence supplies the means for your thoughts to evolve
Into something you just can’t seem to resolve.


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