I always thought I knew what love was. Until I had a personal experience not only in witnessing, but receiving, unrelenting and unconditional love. Who knew someone had the capacity to love more than me? A silly a question it may seem, however it’s more silly that I even thought it was an impossible idea.

For the longest time I had been sitting on the idea that I had loved people on the deepest level possible, for me. When I’ve truly only scratched the surface.

It’s true what they say that love comes in all shapes and sizes. But this is still only a surface level observation, because it’s even more true that love comes in deep and shallow depths as well.

Your love may appear big and look grand to others on the outside, while your heart tells a different story within. Pulling out all the stops and showing crazy acts of love is great. But until you are loved by someone, through all the madness, bullshit, and pain, only then will you experience true, unconditional love.

This type of love is pure, it doesn’t judge, it looks past the bad, and most of all understands.

It will change you…


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