Don’t be afraid to go down the slide

A few months back after getting some ice cream I was sitting at a park in the early evening. A mom and her 2 young kids, a boy and a girl, were playing on the playground. They swung on the monkey bars, swung on the swings, and played on the teeter totter. Then the little girl ran around the play set, climbed up the ladder and went to the biggest slide. She gripped the bar at the top, took a step back then launched herself feet first down the slide. Once she reached the bottom she proudly stood up and walked back towards her mom and brother. The girls mom caught the tail end of the event and stared at her daughter in awe as she walked over.

The mom said to her daughter, “Oh my gosh you went down the slide all by yourself and didn’t ask for my help!” The daughter lightly replied, “I decided not be be scared anymore.”

To most, this doesn’t sound like that profound of an event that I had observed. However, what many people don’t see, is that little girl was wise beyond her years. She can teach us all something we have lost sight of and that is, “to not be scared anymore.” Being fearful or worried is a decision. You willingly let these emotions run rampant in your mind and body, and they get you nowhere. The simplest solution is to stop being scared. It’s really that simple.

Remember when you were her age playing around on the play set jumping to the furthest monkey bar or learning to ride a bike for the first time? How did you go from being afraid to taking the jump or loosing the training wheels? You let go of fear. What you don’t realize is that you make fear as big as you want it to be. Your fear when learning how to ride a bike is minimal to your fear of flying on a plane right? Wrong.

Embrace your younger self who is not necessarily fearless, but knows which fears are silly, and when to let them go. And remember, don’t be afraid to go down the slide. 🙂




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