Science has taught us that we see the same way, but do we really see the same thing? Sight is a commonality between just about everyone in the world, unless of course you were born blind or became blind. But the point is that we all have sight, but do not see the same things. For instance we may not see “eye to eye” with someone. Or you might think a city skyline is breathtaking while another person thinks mountains are more appealing.

We may not see the same thing, but we do see. Or do we? We see computer screens, we see text messages, we see youtube videos. But do we see life, the real life that surrounds us every moment? Do you ever take the time to look around and examine and appreciate your surroundings? Probabaly not. Unless you’re on a nature hike, which even in that case you’re looking down making sure not to trip on any rocks or branches. But even in that scenario, take a break every once and awhile and look up, down, around…even if you aren’t tired. And appreciate everything you see.

Apply this to your daily life. Is your day stressful? Are you running late? Did you forget something? Stop. Take a deep breath…admire your surroundings whether you are inside or outside. Rinse and repeat for 15 seconds. Ahh……..15 seconds of peace to get you back on track.

Don’t forget about the real world around you, I’ll admit, it’s easy to do. A good starting point it to pay less attention to the “reality” contained in your cell phone and computer screen. And start observing the beauty of life that you are part of 🙂

Stay beautiful



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