Love > Lust

Lust won’t get you far. At a certain point it will stall, sputter, run out of gas, and inevitably die. You can try to revive it, but it will never be the same. Just like an old junky car, you keep replacing or tinkering with the starter, but its never run the same after it completely failed the first time.

Lust doesn’t have the same qualities as love that will keep you from running out of gas. With love there is work, and sometimes your tank may dip down here and there…but if it’s truly love, that tank will never be empty. At it’s greatest point, which I hope is often, it will be overfull. Overfull to the point that you can’t help but share your love with others.

The scary part about lust is it presents itself as love. Or so you think. But lust is lust, and love is love. And there is a GREAT difference between the two.

If you aren’t sure if you are in love or lust here are some key traits of each:


Superficial relationship, primarily focused on appearance and physical intimacy with the other person. You do not converse on deep intellectual levels, doing so would require you to talk about your real feelings. All of these circumstances keeps the “relationship” locked into a fantasy. You think this person perfect, which couldn’t be farther from the truth, your idea of them is perfect. But they are not.


Still has physical intimacy, but it’s not uncomfortable to be in the same room together and NOT be all over each other. Love means sacrifice but not in a negative sense. When you are in love you would do anything for that person to let them know how much you care. They are the first person you think about telling great news to or a funny story so you can both share that moment. You know each others flaws and you embrace them. These “flaws” are typically the things we do not like about ourselves, but they are the exact reason someome falls in love with you. Which in turn makes each of you a better person. Your eyes do not wander and your heart does not wonder if this person is enough for you. Deep down you know they are all you will ever need. Best of all love is completely unconditional, you would never have to change for this person to love you. They already love you for who you are 🙂

I know this is most likely not the first time you have seen a comparison of lust and love. But I really think it should be discussed more often. Too often people are caught in a never ending cycle of lust trying to find the “perfect person”.

Don’t be afraid to love deeply and be vulnerable. Yes, you may get hurt along the way, but without pain and suffering you cannot grow. But you don’t dwell, you get up brush yourself off, take note of what you’ve learned and keep going. At some point you’ll meet someone on that same path who will change your life forever, through love.

“Be careful once the lustre of lust wears off, you will have nothing but reality to face” -me


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