Today, I walked around the house in yoga pants and a sports bra. This might seem an ordinary thing to someone who doesn’t know me. But for me, this was a rather uncomfortable situation. I am a girl, and like most girls…I don’t like my body. Can you relate?

So this year instead of making bogus “resolutions” saying I will get in shape, run more, get more sleep, etc. I decided that I would simply embrace absolutely everything about me, that I don’t like.

I’m tired of promising myself year after year that this year will de different. I will finally be happy with me. And every year, I fail. And I know that I’m not the only one. Now, I don’t speak for every girl, but for the majority when I say, stop-hating-yourself, you know exactly who you are. Maybe you don’t think that hate is the correct word, maybe it’s too “harsh”. But take a look at the way you treat yourself. You stand in the mirror and in 30 seconds you can point out everything you dislike.  The inner monologue in your head repeatedly says: “You’ll never look like that girl in the magazine”,  “You’ll never fit into a size 4”, “You’ll always have to suck it in,” “You look terrible without makeup”, “You-will-never have perfect hair, skin, toned legs, a nice butt, or perfect eyebrows!!!”.

Sound familiar? So tell me, is hate still a bad

word choice?

When you take a step back and realize how you talk to yourself every day, it’s not nice in any sense. And guess what, you absolutely will never have those things you want if you keep treating yourself so badly. First, you have to change your mind, only then can you become who you wish to be. Second, you have to accept the fact that not only are you not perfect now, but you never will be. Why? because you will always change your perception of perfection, and that’s ok! That means you will always find ways to grow and change yourself to make YOU better. Third, and most importantly EMBRACE who you are right now in this moment, and every moment of your transformation. Love yourself the entire way, and you will surely not fail.

Now I’m not saying I’m totally going “give up” in a sense, and stop trying to eat healthy or stop working out completely etc, and you shouldn’t either. What I’m saying is if you don’t start loving yourself now, you’ll never make progress towards those goals. You will literally always keep taking one step forward and two steps back. I will keep working out and continue to eating better, but first…I will embrace who I am here and now.

So this is my resolution, not only to embrace who I am, right now, at this very second. But to also be so happy with myself, that you and thousands of others will want nothing more than to start their own journey to embracing and loving themselves.


“To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.” – Ellen Degeneres


http://youtu.be/dsfs5POp0aQ (Definitely check this out!)





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