Anxiety vs Stress

This is something that countless people struggle with, whether they realize it or not. Some people simply write anxiety off as stress. However, these two things couldn’t be more different. Stress comes from our day to day, whether you have a work deadline, financial problems, or you’re stuck in traffic. These are things that are easily recongnizable. Unlike anxiety, which is something that doesn’t necessarily “show” itself right away.

The root of anxiety is fear. This is where many people get stress and anxiety confused. If you are scared of public speaking for example, this can certainly “stress you out” but it is not stress, it’s anxiety. Why? Because as soon as you event think about public speaking you quickly skip past the initial stress and your mind starts churning out all of these scenarios of what could go wrong. After about a minute of imaging all of this nonsense you snap out of it to realize that you feel slightly fatigued. You may even be shaky or starting to sweat. That, is anxiety, the spiraling out-of-control, worst case scenario, impending doom, I’m definitely going to die…”medicine”.

So how do you overcome it? Remember this, when anxiety hits it’s telling you, you need to learn something. In many cases this will come in the form of facing a fear and getting past it. That is all anxiety is, a roadblock, a fear, there to grab your emotions by the neck and hold fast until you succumb to it’s power. But you are the only person who can overcome anxiety’s grip, and it’s much easier than you think. It starts with you. And the first step is the realization that you are greater than the fear you are facing.



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