Fear is a Catalyst

Some say that fear is burden, but I believe that fear is really the pusher, so to speak. Once you are faced with fear you can either go one of two ways. You can cower in the face of fear or decide to overcome it right then and there. Case in point, fear pushes you one way or the other.

Catalyst, as it is defined in the dictionary is, “a person or thing that causes a change.” The problem with this definition as it relates to fear, is that people don’t see fear causing change. To many people, it only causes a feeling of  

discomfort or a feeling to conquer (the feeling to conquer is the feeling you should get but most people don’t). What I’m saying is that if people saw fear as a catalyst they would no longer be “afraid” of fear. They wouldn’t have to worry about being fearful about anything! Once they are faced with fear they realize one of two things, they can either succumb to the fear and remain the same person they have always been. Or they can decide to do something about it.

So, what determines the outcome is your reaction to fear. Does fear define you or do you define fear?

I was listening to a sermon from my church, Forefront, and the pastor couldn’t have been more on point when he said, “Courage is not the absence of fear, courage is what you do in spite of fear. Courage is when you look fear in the face and say, “No”. Sometimes it takes child-like faith to overcome your fear.”

Next time you are faced with fear, remember it is a choice you are making. Let fear push you to be a better person and to push your limits. Have child-like faith and surprise yourself with what you can overcome!


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