Thoughts are Things: Goals & The Law of Attraction

You hear this all the time that thoughts are things, and to be careful what you think and what you wish for. Most of the time, this advice will just go in one ear and out the other. But it’s something that should really be taken seriously.

If you think nothing but negative thoughts, you will have mostly negative experiences throughout you day and your life. The same is true if you have mostly positive thoughts. Now, this is not to say that if you think 95% positive thoughts all the time, that your life will be rainbows and butterflies.

Many times this topic can be related to the Law of Attraction (LOA). And the LOA is often seen as this “mysterious”, maybe even “witchery” because of the misunderstanding it creates. Basically the whole idea about the LOA is that if you think about something really really hard, the universe will give it to you, just like that! Duh, most people would think this is bogus, and I don’t blame them!

So here is where the misunderstanding comes from. We think that if we are told that if we wish for something and want it really bad, then the universe will provide it. The problem with this theory is that so many people don’t actually believe that when they wish for whatever it is they want, that they will get it. And in fact, that’s EXACTLY why they don’t get it. They don’t believe.

Again, I am not saying if you wish and hope and pray to get a million dollars this year that it will happen. It probably won’t, because that’s a false wish, it’s just for your benefit and you re asking for the million dollars with no work or effort on your part in return. The universe is very give and take oriented.

If instead for example you own a business and this year you want to grow to earn one million dollars. Now, that’s a real and tangible thing the Universe can work with. Especially if you inherently believe you can make earning the one million actually happen. If you believe it, the universe will provide you with situations and guidance you might not have had before. But now that you know what you want, you believe in it, and you have asked for it, you have a far greater chance of actually achieving it. If not you should at least come close!

The main thing that I feel people “miss” with the Law of Attraction, is that they don’t actually believe  in what it is they are trying to attract. So remember if you really want something and you believe in it and you can work towards it, you have a better chance at achieving it.

You must also remember that thoughts are things. For instance, if you are trying to meet a nice guy, but inherently you think that all men are pigs, guess what you’ll run into? You guessed it, men that are pigs. Because you create that reality, because that is what you believe.

If you really want something in your life or you have a goal you are trying to achieve but you haven’t been able to do it thus far, I invite you to look at your thoughts around that goal. Think about the goal and how it makes you feel, this will then tell you exactly what you think  about that goal. Are you scared? Do you think you don’t deserve it? As soon as you focus on the feeling, the thoughts will surface. Write them down, and reevaluate your position towards them and turn them into positive thoughts. Then you’ll be on your way to achieving that goal 🙂


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