Both ends of the spectrum

Many people fear death, this is common knowledge. But on the other hand, many of those same people would not want to live forever. I am certainly playing devils advocate here, but really take a second to think about this question. Would you really want to live forever? Would that solve your problem of fearing death?

Sure, on some accounts it could be an incredible experience to live forever, but at the same time it could be entirely loathsome. If you are someone that fears death, think about what it would feel like to live forever. How does that make you feel? Relieved, happy, worry-free? Really take note of how this thought makes you feel…I’ll wait.

Crazy isn’t it? How just thinking about something can change your thoughts and feelings.

Do you see what I did there? You instantly, even for a brief moment, lost all of your fear about death.

I am a firm believer in the fact that if you want to change your fear, you need to first change your thoughts about that fear. And really figure out why you fear things, where does that feeling come from? That’s right! The thoughts you are having.

Now, this won’t happen overnight, this is something you will have to pay attention to and work on, if you really want to change it. Anytime you start fearing death, work backwards to your feelings, then the thoughts that are causing those feelings. This process will get easier and you will be able to notice your recurring thought patterns that cause the fear.

Once you understand your fear, then you can change it. This is key! You must first understand why you have fear, then you can choose to think something else instead. You can’t just say, “I fear death and I don’t like that, so I won’t think that anymore.” Why? Because, and be honest, out of all the times you tried that, did it work? Exactly.

The reality of our morality (didn’t rhyme on purpose lol) is that no one is immune to death. It’s a fact of life that everyone will die. If you spend your life worrying about death up until the very moment you take your last breath, what will you have done with your life?

So here are some things to think about instead of fearing death, once you understand your fear:

-I’m going to focus on being the happiest I can be today & everyday that I am alive

-Look at all the joy and love surrounding me, I am so grateful for my life

-What can I accomplish today that will make  my life more fulfilling?

You must understand with your innermost sincerity that you do not have to be fearful of death. And not only that, but you can also choose to think something else instead that will better serve you. Don’t let your thoughts consume you and lead you to have a fearful life. Choose happiness, always.


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