The Problem With Math

“My life is a quarter of the way over!” Says a just-turned 25 year old.

But do you know what is wrong with that statement? I’ll tell you. It’s completely false! Now, a rational being like yourself might think, “Uh no, saying your life is a quarter of the way over at 25 is totally right.”

But you see, that is where you are totally wrong. Actually, this is where a huge majority of the population is wrong.

I’m not very good at math, but even I know that 25 x 4 = 100, BUT that equation DOES NOT apply to your life people!

Since when is anyone guaranteed 100 years on this earth? Exactly.

So now you see where I am going with this. At least I hope you do, if not that’s another blog post (a long one at that) for another time.

The problem with this math, is the equation on paper works just fine. But when you apply it to a real, human life, it completely falls apart.

If you for one second, think that you will live to be 100 years old, you are a complete moron.

There I said it! I’m sorry because you are probably deeply offended right now. But I have been taking some tips from Mark Manson and Jenny Lawson’s writing recently, and I am also very fond of telling it how it is. And damnit, you need to have this truth smack you across your face!

Your. Life. Is. Not. Guaranteed. To. Last. 100. Years. – It’s just not.

You don’t have this magical, universal expiration date that ends 100 years after you’re born. If anything, if each of us had an expiration date it would be working against us, not for us. Instead of counting up to 100 years, it would only be counting your next breath. Think about that one for a second.

Because if you aren’t breathing my friend, then you are most certainly dead. Or a zombie, or a weird magical creature, that for whatever reason doesn’t need to breathe to live and no one knows about you yet. But what I find even more funny (sarcasm) is that even though you are breathing, you definitely aren’t living. – Again I’m sure I pissed you off there, and this time, I’m not sorry. Because as I said before, you need this truth to slap you so hard, that you actually do something about it!

Get off your ass, pursue your dreams, and go and LIVE! Don’t just be a breathing, warm bodied, droid.


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