Get Your Shit Together

I’m sharing this with you because over the years and especially even more so recently I have had many people tell me that I have my shit together. And most of the time I don’t know how to respond besides meekly saying, “Thank you.” But today, I took a different look at this. A woman in my workout group this morning came up to me afterward and said, “I really love your Facebook posts, you’re so inspirational. You have your shit together.” Of course, I said thank you, but also offered that it’s not quite all together.

Then I told her that I really believe having your shit together is a state of mind. And the more I thought about it, the more this is true. Many people look like they have their shit together on the outside and live this perfect life, when it may actually be in shambles. Or they may appear to have the perfect life but be madly depressed. Having your shit together isn’t just having all of your “adulting” down pat, it’s also a state of mind, and ensuring your image of having your shit together is yours, and not societies version of what that looks like.

After I left the gym, on my drive home, I thought more about this. And realized that yeah, you know what, I do have my shot together for the most part. And I don’t give myself enough credit.

Having your shit together doesn’t mean everything in your life is perfect. It means everything is pretty much where you want or you have enough self-awareness to realize you need to make some changes in your life. And not only that but you also have a plan of action you’re  executing to make those changes.

Having your shit together also doesn’t discriminate towards age. Whether you’re 20 or 60, you can always get your shit together. Age doesn’t matter. What does matter is whether or not you let your age stand in the way, it’s just a number. And wishing you were older or younger isn’t going to help you get anywhere.

The opposite of having your shit together is having this image of what you want your life to be and you constantly complain wishing it were different. But you’re doing nothing to change it. That is not having your shit together.

Not having your shit together is also not having a good relationship with yourself and God. If you’re mean to yourself and put yourself down and don’t think you can achieve the things you want, then it will be tough to get your shit together. You have to be your biggest cheerleader. And literally love yourself unconditionally, and also praise yourself when you’ve accomplished something, no matter how small. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the process and not celebrate your little wins along the way.

So which one are you? I bet you have your shit together more than you thought, without realizing it. Always remember having your shit together will never fit in this box of “perfect”. Don’t discount yourself for the work and progress you’re making either.    


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