About Me

2014-10-03 19.11.24

I’m kind of an oxymoron; I love sharing my thoughts but I’m terrible at explaining them out loud in a comprehensible manner. However, I realized that if I put my thoughts on paper (figuratively of course seeing as everything I use to write with is electronic) that I can make sense of my initial thought. Long story short…that is WHY I am here. I love to write and always have random thoughts to share, I hope to inspire people, challenge their perspectives, and hopefully brighten their day 🙂

This blog is a means for me to be vulnerable, albeit behind a computer screen…nonetheless, the internet is the easiest and most vast way to share your thoughts. Think of my blog as kind of like a literal transcription of the monologue in my head, maybe a journal of sorts, but public. And also a place for me to be a little more serious…seeing as sarcasm flows through me like running water. No topic is off limits and I encourage you to discuss YOUR thoughts, without judgment. If you find something inspiring that makes you think of someone you know, share it with them!




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