The Trouble Is, You Think You Have Time

It’s been a little while since I have written for my blog, and for good reason.

Or is it?

You see, recently I have become so busy in life, that I have to pick and choose the things I want to do each day. No longer can I flow through my day deciding what I want to do at the drop of a hat. I have to plan each day methodically to ensure I get everything done and stay on track.

But therein lies the problem. I have become so busy, that when people ask me how I am I just respond with, “busy”. But busy it not an emotion, it is an action, and a defeating one at that.

As we get older life gets busier. But does it have to be? Sure, Continue reading


Both ends of the spectrum

Many people fear death, this is common knowledge. But on the other hand, many of those same people would not want to live forever. I am certainly playing devils advocate here, but really take a second to think about this question. Would you really want to live forever? Would that solve your problem of fearing death?

Sure, on some accounts it could be an incredible experience to live forever, but at the same time it could be entirely loathsome. If you are someone that fears death, think about what it would feel like to live forever. How does that make you feel? Relieved, happy, worry-free? Really take note of how this thought makes you feel…I’ll wait.

Crazy isn’t it? How just thinking about something can change your thoughts and feelings.

Do you see what I did there? Continue reading

Thoughts are Things: Goals & The Law of Attraction

You hear this all the time that thoughts are things, and to be careful what you think and what you wish for. Most of the time, this advice will just go in one ear and out the other. But it’s something that should really be taken seriously.

If you think nothing but negative thoughts, you will have mostly negative experiences throughout you day and your life. The same is true if you have mostly positive thoughts. Now, this is not to say that if you think 95% positive thoughts all the time, that your life will be rainbows and butterflies.

Many times this topic can be related to the Law of Attraction (LOA). And the LOA is often seen as this “mysterious”, maybe even “witchery” because of the misunderstanding it creates. Basically the whole idea Continue reading

Fear is a Catalyst

Some say that fear is burden, but I believe that fear is really the pusher, so to speak. Once you are faced with fear you can either go one of two ways. You can cower in the face of fear or decide to overcome it right then and there. Case in point, fear pushes you one way or the other.

Catalyst, as it is defined in the dictionary is, “a person or thing that causes a change.” The problem with this definition as it relates to fear, is that people don’t see fear causing change. To many people, it only causes a feeling of   Continue reading

Day by Day

“You know what’s weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change, but pretty soon…everything’s different.” This is one of my favorite quotes from Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes. And this couldn’t be more true.

The first time I read this it really struck me. And each time I ran across it after that, I had that same reaction like it was my first time reading it. This quote has become a very prominent reminder in my life, that if you don’t get up and go after your dream, it might never happen. Now, I don’t know that Bill Watterson intended that specific meaning from the quote. But I think you can draw Continue reading

Think outside of the box

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My first question whenever I hear this phrase is, why is there a box in the first place? Why is it that our thoughts are all seemingly combined into this “box” never to see the light of day? The answer is pretty simple, creativity is dying. People are so used to being told what to do, given a set list of rules to abide by, and taught only one “logical” and systematic way to think and solve problems. It’s no wonder when we try to come up with a new and awesome idea, our brain immediately begins to cramp.

So if you’re like many people (almost everybody) that has the issue of not being able to think outside of the box, here are a few simple steps to help stretch your creative muscles.

Step 1

Do creative things more often. Whether that would be doodling, writing, crafting, Continue reading

Anxiety vs Stress

This is something that countless people struggle with, whether they realize it or not. Some people simply write anxiety off as stress. However, these two things couldn’t be more different. Stress comes from our day to day, whether you have a work deadline, financial problems, or you’re stuck in traffic. These are things that are easily recongnizable. Unlike anxiety, which is something that doesn’t necessarily “show” itself right away.

The root of anxiety is fear. This is where many people get stress and anxiety confused. Continue reading